Long term sound rental is a great option for any venue that requires audio equipment. Heres a few positives about this product.

 Why Long Term Rental?

It’s cheaper to hire monthly than it is to buy.


We come out and install so you are really getting FREE installation which allows you to assured that the gear will be performing at its best. If there are any issues with gear we will come out and maintain it.


Get good discounted rates on other services or extra gear if you need.


If you buy gear, then it’s bought and you are stuck with it. However if you rent, you can always upgrade, change or modify what you have at an affordable rate.

 More Reasons Why!

As an example let’s say we rent out a pair of JBL 15″ speakers (JBL SRX715 800w). These speakers sell new for a price close to R36 000.00 each so a pair costs close to R72 000.00 new (retail).


We would rent them out with an amp for a price of R1 500.00 a month on a 6 month contract.


So essentially you getting the use of R72 000.00 speakers and an amp for 6 months at only R1 500.00 per month. This value is unbeatable.


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